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Debarquement sur Iles Powell 1838 Sabatier Le Breton

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Debarquement sur Iles Powell, le 20 Fevrier 1838 (Parages Antarctiques)


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Antique print relating to Australia


Lithograph of the Powell islands, situated near the South Orkney Islands, with Dumont D'Urville's officers leaving the island. On the voyage of 1837, Dumont d'Urville was asked by King Louis-Philippe to explore the South Pole. The main focus of the voyage was to reach Antarctica "towards the Pole as far as the polar ice will permit". He sailed into the South Atlantic, to the Straits of Magellan, then further south to the Antarctic, reaching 63 degrees latitude south until the ice, fog and snow prevented them from going any further. Valuable data was obtained on these unknown regions, but at the cost of an outbreak of scurvy. Of the 183 men on board the two ships, 22 did not make it back alive. Lithograph from 'Voyage au Pole Sud et en Oceanie' by Jules Dumont d'Urville. Blind Stamp of publisher below title area. Published circa 1846. Louis Le Breton joined Dumont d'Urville's 1837-1840 expedition as a surgeon but was appointed artist after the death of Ernest Goupil. Discolouration and some foxing in margins.

Additional Information

artist Leon Jean Baptiste Sabatier (d1887) after Louis Le Breton (1818-1866) and Mayer
method Lithograph
date C1846
size 195mm by 385mm (image)
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