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Questions and answers

Do you have a question. Visit our contact form or call now. We have created some useful links at the bottom of this website which may help.

Where do I put my discount code during checkout?

If you have added something to your shopping cart, go to 'My Cart' prior to checking out -  This 'My Cart' button can be seen at the very top right of the website under the login drop menu. Once on the 'My Cart' page -  scroll down and look left. If you do this prior to going through the checkout, all will be well. Should you have any difficulty, we are happy to assist. Either email or call us during normal business hours.


How to search using key words?

Sometimes searching for an individual word is better than searchning for two words. For example. Using the word 'Zealand' is better than searching for 'New Zealand'. In an example like this, the system will search for any item which contains both words. But it will be more accurate when using a more unique word such as Zealand for instance. While we do adjust things like this too, there are times where you may have more success with single/unique/specific words.


Do you have an advanced search tool?

Yes, there is a link at the bottom of every page on this website in the useful links area. Or click on this link for our advanced search. By clicking on this link a new tab will open in your web browser.