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Herschel portrait engraving astronomer composer

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Sir W Herschel


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Original antique medical print


Frederick William Herschel,KH, FRS (1738 - 1822) was a German-born British astronomer, technical expert, and composer. Born in Hanover, Germany, Herschel followed his father into the Military Band of Hanover, before emigrating to Britain at age 19. He became famous for his discovery of the planet Uranus, along with two of its major moons (Titania and Oberon), and also discovered two moons of Saturn. In addition, he was the first person to discover the existence of infrared radiation. He is also known for the twenty-four symphonies that he composed.

Additional Information

artist Edward Scriven (1775-1841) after John Russell
method Steel-engraving
date C1840
size 265mm by 175mm (sheet)
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