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Nurs'd at Home Strutt Stothard engraving

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Nurs'd at Home and Nurs'd Abroad (2)


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Original antique medical print


'Nurs'd at Home' shows a mother wearing a pink gown with a green sash and white cap and fichu, seated on a stool hugging the child on her lap: the child has short curly hair and wears a white gown, and is hugging its mother in return. A woman in a fawn gown with a white fichu, probably the child's nurse, bends over them both solicitously. 'Nurs'd Abroad' shows a wealthy mother's visit to her child at the home of its wet nurse. The mother, dressed in a white gown with a ribbon trimmed hat and a muff, is seated on a stool to the right and attempting to greet her child: the child, who has short curly hair and a white gown and slippers, turns away to the familiar figure of the nurse, dressed in pink with a white apron, who has crouched down to take the child in her arms. The first image comments on the closer mother/ child relationship achievable when both shared the parental home. Its pair 'Nurs'd Abroad' contrasts the effect on the mother/ child relationship of the once fashionable custom of sending babies away to be breastfed by a wet nurse at her home. These children were better looked after than the foundling children also 'out at nurse', but many of the parents and children may have been strangers to each other. Faint mark at top of the sheet. Small margins.

Nursd Abroad


Additional Information

artist Joseph Strutt (1749-1802) after Thomas Stothard (1755-1834)
method Colour printed stipple engraving
date 1796
size 280mm by 230mm (sheet)
SKU MD3585