Item #3808 Teone Platonico (Theon). Carlo Gregori after Giovanni Domenico Campiglia.
Teone Platonico (Theon)

Teone Platonico (Theon)

Copper-line engraving. 1741. 240mm by 170mm (platemark) 420mm by 270mm (sheet). Plate number top right corner of image.

Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (1692–1768) was an Italian painter and engraver from Florence, active under the patronage of the House of Medici.

Illustration of an Ancient Roman marble bust from 'Musei Capitolini', a series of engravings showing the sculpture of the Capitoline Museum in Rome.

Theon of Smyrna was a Greek philosopher and mathematician, whose works were strongly influenced by the Pythagorean school of thought. His surviving On Mathematics Useful for the Understanding of Plato is an introductory survey of Greek mathematics. Item #3808

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