Item #4301 Banksia serrata. Lilian Snelling after Stella Ross-Craig, 1879–1972.

Banksia serrata

Lithograph with original hand-colouring. 1943. 245mm by 150mm (sheet). Native plant of Australia. Stella Ross-craig was an artist and illustrator for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Lilian Snelling (1879–1972) was the principal artist and lithographer to Curtis's Botanical Magazine between 1921 and 1952 and "was considered one of the greatest botanical artists of her time". From Curtis's Botanical Magazine. William Curtis (1746-1799) was a trained pharmacist, in London, who maintained a large garden and devoted himself to the study of its flora. He began publishing the Curtis Botanical Magazine in 1787. Accompanied by original text describing features of the plant, when it was introduced and by whom, and whose collection it comes from. Item #4301

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