Item #3681 Hamilton Greek Vase - Attic Black Figured Komast Cup. Pierre Francois Hugues D'Hancarville, author.

Hamilton Greek Vase - Attic Black Figured Komast Cup

Copper-line engraving. 1801. 170mm by 210mm (platemark) 480mm by 375mm (sheet). From the scarce Florence edition of d'Hancarville's famous work on Sir William Hamilton's collection of antique vases - Antiquites Etrusques, Grecques et Romaines, tirees du Cabinet de M. William Hamilton. . It was first published in 1767, this edition is 1801. Sir William Hamilton (1730-1803) was the British ambassador to the Court of the Two Sicilys. Living in Naples, he was in a perfect position to acquire the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan vases being unearthed around Naples. He was quick to understand the importance of the vases to the study of ancient art and history. His first collection of vases was sold to the British Museum in 1772. CONDITION : Small hole outside plate mark on the left. Faint cockling to the paper, please note the scan exaggerates the cockling. Item #3681

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